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What is the Canadian Blockchain Consortium?

The Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC) was founded to unite our country’s diverse community of blockchain technology business owners, developers, adopters and those interested in exploring the technology’s transformative potential. Seeking to educate and raise awareness of the blockchain industry’s incredible economic and social value, the CBC supports ecosystem development and hosts monthly gatherings with expert speakers, along with other high-profile events with international reach, and engages with industry, government, and academia to explore ways that blockchain technology can be used to benefit all Canadians. An inclusive organization, we welcome people from all identities, backgrounds and levels of knowledge to join in and participate in building our digital future, and are committed to acting in the interests of our entire industry.

Why Blockchain?

Why is blockchain economically important? Canada’s resource industries are challenged with increasing regulations, lower margins and growing operational complexity. If our primary economic sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Forestry and Agriculture, are going to compete and thrive in the next decades, optimization is critical. Blockchain has the ability to streamline operations, dramatically lower administrative and data management costs, and provide a trusted, verified store of information. These benefits also apply to industries like healthcare, financial services, cannabis and logistics, all predicted to be significant growth areas in Canada over the next decades. Technology is the foundation that will help these new economic potentials take flight – and as our province moves toward necessary economic diversification, blockchain will play a key role in building a strong technology community.

As global technological development moves toward an integration of data management, analytics and information transfer, blockchain-based, decentralized, secure databases will form an essential foundation for other revolutionary digital technologies.

The CBC is focused on developing this convergence through inter-relationships and collaboration with Canada’s Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Internet of Things communities. Across the world, governments and industries are seeing blockchain’s disruptive potential, investing billions of dollars a year into research and development. Canada has the technological talent, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive to take a global leadership role in building value and moving blockchain forward. As the CBC helps foster this innovative reputation, it will help our province attract new companies, specialized workers, and promote the growth of start-ups. The CBC believes that Canada now stands at a critical inflection point – caught between its legacy of traditional resource industries and the need to rapidly diversify into new, uncharted areas. Blockchain bridges these divergent priorities by helping optimize and increase the competitiveness of our primary sectors, while fostering new industries, promoting innovation, and demonstrating to the world that Canada is a powerful force for technological change.

The Main Activities:

Networking, Building & Education

We regularly engage in hosting events monthly for networking, ecosystem building and education.

Signature events

We host signature events on an annual basis such as the Alberta Technology Symposium and Alberta Blockchain Week.


We support and market companies by getting them exposure on social media, have them speaking at events, host events just for them, support press releases and connect them to the decision makers, capital and networks they are looking for.

Ecosystem development

We engage on a regular basis with other technology clusters to cross sector promote and support the entire technology ecosystem as a part of Canada’s digital strategy.


We support industry events by promoting, marketing, speaking and sponsorship. We engage regularly on social good initiatives and have fundraised to support food programs for hungry children, hospitals, youth empowerment groups, and cancer research.

Office Space

We offer a co share office space that includes free event space for companies looking to host events for the community and need a place to do it. We connect our industry to the government and engage in activities that are meaningful for the community.

Support Women

Recently we supported the first ever Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event in Canada and were able to get a proclamation for our province to name November 19th Women Entrepreneurship Day and supported 3 university girls to get scholarships to move their small business ideas forward.

Support Students

We engage with students and support internships and jobs placements and are currently working with ICTC on a program they have to get students wages covered by the government to get them the job training skills they need, we sponsor and support student led events.

White Paper

Curated by a group of expert authors, Canada Blockchain’s White Paper’s will concisely inform readers about everything blockchain. It is meant to help readers understand what blockchain is, why it is important, and why it will hold a strong role in the future.

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