October 19-20th, 2022


Canadian Blockchain Summit is an exciting multi-day event that brings together leading organizations, companies, and thought leaders to showcase how this emerging technology is transforming the future

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Discover The Canadian Blockchain Summit

It’s time for Canada to showcase its incredible innovation in the highest impact digital technology sectors. The Canadian Blockchain Consortium is pleased to announce its 1st annual Canadian Blockchain Summit this October 19th-20th, where leaders from across the country’s incredible tech community will unite to celebrate our progress in building digital unicorns and pioneering new solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

The summit features engaging panel discussions, top international speakers, and opportunities to connect and network with peers across diverse sectors, with special guests and new updates on the Consortium’s landmark roadmaps towards a strong digital economy.


The competitive process that verifies and adds new transactions to the blockchain for a cryptocurrency that uses the proof-of-work (PoW) method.


A growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography making it resistant to modification of the data.


A currency that does not rely on banks and is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of standards for a cryptocurrency that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments.


Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics.


Metaverse is a virtual-reality space where users are able to interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.


The Canadian Blockchain Summit

Canada’s Evolving Digital Future

From blockchain and cryptocurrency to new developments in IoT, AI and edge computing, Canada is home to ground-breaking innovation that is rapidly reshaping our national economy – and giving the country a new advantage in highly competitive international markets.

The Canadian Blockchain Summit is a holistic exploration of the many ways that these advanced innovations are transforming our industries, jobs, and lives, featuring diverse thought leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs from across the country.

The Canadian Blockchain Summit

Cryptocurrency and the New Economy

The US $1.5 trillion cryptocurrency markets are filled with opportunities for business growth and innovation – but education is a barrier to understanding how this rapidly changing industry will impact Canada. Discover why blockchain is key to the next evolution of our economy, why fair regulation is key to staying competitive in a newly crypto-friendly world, and how the metaverse and Web3 will forever alter the way we experience the digital world. The Summit features exclusive content on:

  • Bitcoin and the new financial standard
  • Digital assets and virtual metaverse worlds
  • Web3 and the decentralized internet
  • Creating competitive crypto regulations

The Canadian Blockchain Summit

Ecosystems, Education and ESG

It takes a community to build a technology – and in Canada, dozens of unique ecosystems are supporting the foundations for change through education, advocacy, and frameworks for collaboration. Explore how the convergence of digital technologies like IoT, blockchain and AI are accelerating our technological transformation, and how the rising priorities for ESG are creating new economies built on sustainability and social justice. Panel subjects include:

  • The Digital Global Village: building borderless ecosystems
  • Blockchain and the $100 trillion net zero economic opportunity
  • Equity and access for Canadian digital technology education
  • DAOs and the automated future of governance

The Canadian Blockchain Summit

Canada’s Bitcoin Mining Boom

Proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining is one of Canada’s quickest growing blockchain sectors, and as our share of global hash power grows, we need advanced technologies and competitive regulations that can keep pace with the rate of change. Discover the emerging opportunities for multi-billion-dollar mining migration to the energy-rich prairies, and how Ontario and Quebec are powering the green evolution of Bitcoin through large-scale mining projects. Key topics include:

  • A Roadmap for Crypto Mining Success: The Consortium’s latest whitepaper
  • New technology development and emerging Bitcoin mining projects
  • Opportunities for transforming energy sector waste into green Bitcoin

The Canadian Blockchain Summit

Accelerating Diverse Digital Industries

From healthcare and logistics to energy and natural resources, every Canadian industry undergoing an unprecedented shift to a digital, and often decentralized, way of operating. Understanding the impact of introducing new technologies is critical, and the Summit brings together leaders in key industries to discuss the latest innovations and strategies for managing systemic changes in uncertain times. Panel subjects include:

  • The power of embracing chaos for technology transformation
  • How AI and digital access are behind healthcare’s evolution
  • Decentralization and the future of clean energy grids


Join an Incredible 2-Day Experience
(Ticket prices include Lunch and the Gala)

Early Bird Full Conference Pass (Good until Sept. 10)
CA$525.00 + CA$32.98 Fee
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Student Pass
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Reserve your tickets today for the Canadian Blockchain Summit, held in-person at the Contemporary Calgary in downtown Calgary, AB from October 19th-20th, 2022. Conference passes include:

  • Two-day event access to all panels and discussions
  • Facilitated targeted networking
  • Catered lunch, snacks, and coffee breaks
  • Exciting gala evening fundraising event

Sponsorship opportunities are still available – please contact us at [email protected] for details.


Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Chisholm

Tyler is the Co-Founder and CEO of clearmotive marketing, a full-service agency  focused on industrial clients.

Tyler also hosts two podcasts – They Just Get It and Collisions YYC which allows him  to feed his endless curiosity. He uses his conversational style to give a voice to the  eccentrics of the world and the innovators changing Alberta. In his free time, he is  dedicated to philanthropy through Red Express, a toys for kids project and as an  ambassador for International Justice Mission Canada to support their cause of  ending modern-day slavery in our lifetime.


Chief Executive Officer | Bitcoin Well


Adam O'Brien

As Founder and CEO of Bitcoin Well — a publicly traded Bitcoin company...

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Chief Executive Officer | KNOX


Alex Daskalov

Sound engineering, risk management, and the insurance of custodial systems are at the heart of Knox's mission...

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Chief Executive Officer | Dandelion


Alexander Munro

Starting in banking and commodity hedging products, he moved into long-cycle moonshot VC. He has...

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Business Development Manager | Memory Express


Alexander Szecsy

Alexander's passion for new technologies and their applications has guided his career though oil & gas, Engineering...

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Chief Innovation Officer | Guild One


Alexis Pappas

The Chief Innovation Officer at blockchain and digital finance firm GuildOne, Alexis Pappas specializes...

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Global Head of Regulatory Affairs | Comply Advantage


Andrew Davies

He has worked in the software industry for more than twenty five years supporting...

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Head of Special Projects | DV Chain


Ben Eacrett

Ben has been deeply involved in the buildout of DV Chain Canada and actively engaged in the...

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Chief Mining Officer | Bitfarms


Ben Gagnon

As Chief Mining Officer of Bitfarms, Ben manages mining operations and strategy for one of the largest...

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Financial Associate | Luxor Technologies


Ben Harper

As a Financial Associate with Luxor Technologies, a Seattle-based digital mining services company, Ben...

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Chief Executive Officer and Founder | National Digital Asset Exchange Inc.


Bilal Hammoud

Bilal Hammoud is a Canadian tech entrepreneur and crypto industry leader...

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Chief Executive Officer | Goodlawyer


Brett Colvin

Brett has overseen Goodlawyer’s growth from inception to a 25+ person team...

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President | Bitbuy


Dean Skurka

Dean Skurka was formerly the Head of Finance and Compliance for FLC, and is currently the Head...

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Chief Executive Officer | Tetra Trust


Didier Lavallee

Didier brings over 16 years of capital markets and asset servicing experience to Tetra...

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Founder | Collisionless


Dina Mainville

Dina is the Founder of Collisionless, a consulting and advisory services firm that provides strategic guidance...

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Senior Advisor - Technology, Media and Telecommunication | Deloitte


Doug Schweitzer

Doug’s not a career politician. He’s a father, husband and former Partner...

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Chief Executive Officer | Block Resources

Michael Ainger

Michael is the chief executive officer for Block Resources..

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Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder | Bidali


Eric Kryski

Eric has been building software and distributed systems for over 15 years, some that still powers existing startups, SMBs and Fortune 100s...

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Senior Vice President, Communications and Culture | Hut 8 Mining


Erin Dermer

With more than 20 years of experience promoting and protecting the brands of many of Canada’s top companies, Erin is...

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Co-founder & CEO | Balance


George Bordianu

He is a second-time founder with a strong technical background, holds an MSc. in Computer...

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Vice President | Canada Blockchain Consortium


Jade Alberts

I'm an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and a Strategist that Tells It Like It Is. I've had a...

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Co-founder and Partner | CAASA - Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets


James Burron

James co-founded CAASA in response to industry support for a Canadian alternatives association...

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Client Executive, Commercial Lines | NFP Canada


Jennifer Edgar

Experienced professional with a demonstrated history in the Commercial Risk Management & Insurance industry...

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Managing Group Director and Senior Vice President | Signature Bank


Joseph Seibert

Seibert and his team of 25 specialize in serving companies engaged in digital asset banking and blockchain technology...

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Partner in the Securities and Capital Markets Group | Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


Julie Bogle

Julie is a partner with Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and is a member of BLG’s...

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Managing Director | VirgoCX Wealth


Jonathan Han

Jonathan Han is the Managing Director at VirgoCX Wealth...

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Chief Compliance Officer | National Digital Asset Exchange Inc.


Julia Baranovskaya

Julia has aimed to contribute to a safer and more secure cryptocurrency experience for Canadians...

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Senior Policy Associate | Elliptic


Kate Goldman

Goldman's work focuses on developing the regulatory framework surrounding cryptocurrencies for...

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Chief Legal Officer & Head of Regulatory Affairs | Coinsquare


Katrina Prokopy

Katrina Prokopy has extensive experience working as internal legal counsel in large financial institutions both...

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Managing Partner | Penrose Partners


Kerem Kolcuoglu, MBA

Kerem is an MBA and Managing Partner at Penrose Partners, a blockchain focused...

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Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer | iMinning Technologies Inc.


Khurram Shroff

Mr. Khurram Shroff has been an early adopter and supporter of Blockchain technology...

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President / Founder | Absolute Combustion International


Koleya Karringten

A proud Albertan technology entrepreneur, advocate, and leader, Koleya...

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Director & Co-Lead, Cryptoassets & Blockchain Chief Operating Executive | KPMG Canada


Kunal Bhasin

He possesses over 10 years of experience conducting and leading compliance and risk assessments, and technology audits for crypto, fintec, TradFi, and technology sectors...

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Chief Executive Officer | Binance Canada


Lawrence Truong

He holds CFA and CAMS designations as well as MBAs from Queen's University and Cornell University...

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Creative Director | Bull Bitcoin



Madex is the creative director of Bull Bitcoin, a non-custodial

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Head of Research | 3iQ


Mark Connors

Mark recently joined 3iQ with over 30 years of investment management experience in Portfolio Management, Risk...

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Partner | Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP


Matthew T. Burgoyne

Matthew is the co-head of Osler’s Digital Asset practice. His practice...

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Partner | Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


Melissa Smith

Melissa focuses her practice on corporate and securities law with an emphasis...

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Member of Parliament for Calgary Nose Hill House of Commons | Parliament of Canada


Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner

She was first elected to the House of Commons in 2011 and re-elected in 2015...

Learn more →

Head of Alberta Business | Mphasis


Nitin Sathawane

A growth-driven leader with an entrepreneur mindset, Nitin has over twenty-two years...

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President and Chief Executive Officer of Bitvo | Bitvo


Pamela Draper

Pamela spent approximately 14 years with top tier Canadian banks, in the areas of corporate and investment banking...

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Chief Security Officer | Dandelion


Paul Chafe

He is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful startups to his name, beginning with one of Canada's first...

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President | 3iQ Corp.


Pascal St-Jean

I believe in helping create opportunities to help businesses unleash their true potential and as such...

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VP of Corporate Clients and Partnerships | Be One Financial


Philippe Noelting

Philippe’s team at Be One helps onboard and manage key accounts in over 70 countries...

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Chief Compliance Officer | Phantom Compliance


Ryan Mueller CFE - CCCI - CAMS

I have been active in online payments for 18 years with the majority of that time spent in an investigative...

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Chief Executive Officer | Advisory Firm

Ryan Wass

Known for his strategic and technical approach, Ryan has extensive experience advising...

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Senior Cybercrime Investigator, Investigations and Special Programs | Chainalysis


Ryan Ryder

Ryan was recognized nationally for his investigations and leaned on heavily by agencies abroad...

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Co Founder | The Preston Matthews Group Inc.


Sean Tweed, BA, CFE, CCI

As a Certified Fraud Examiner, a licensed Private Investigator in British Columbia, and a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator, he focuses...

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Chief Executive Officer | Upstream Data


Stephen Barbour

Stephen Barbour is a mechanical engineer and is the owner of Upstream Data Inc....

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Vice President and Partner | Risk Control Canada


Tyler Argue

As an influential leader and entrepreneur, Tyler is known as a business strategist who...

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Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Clearmotive Marketing


Tyler Chisholm

Tyler is the Co-Founder and CEO of clearmotive marketing...

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Partner | Miller Thomson LLP


Wayne Logan

Wayne Logan, is an experienced Intellectual Property specialist, who leads Miller Thomson’s Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts...

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7:45 AM – 8:45 AM

Registration and Networking

8:45 AM – 9:00AM

Opening Remarks

Koleya Karringten, Executive Director | Canadian Blockchain Consortium & President/Founder | Absolute Combustion International (Alberta)

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Panel Discussion Navigating Cross-Border Safety for Global Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrency compliance is challenging even within national borders – for international remittances and transactions, service providers face an even more complex landscape of cybersecurity, regulatory, and consumer safety issues. With cybercrime predicted to reach more than US $10 trillion by 2025, exchanges, payments companies, and consumers need to be aware of potential threats and work closely with governments to protect the integrity of the industry (and their wallets). Discover how on-chain analytics, strong policies, and new technological tools are transforming global payments and building a safer industry.

Alexis Pappas, Chief Innovation Officer | GuildOne Inc. (Alberta)
Paul Chafe, Chief Security Officer | Dandelion
Sean Tweed, BA, CFE, CCI |The Preston Matthews Group Inc. (British Colombia)
Nitin Sathawane, Head of Alberta Business | Mphasis
Eric Kryski CEO and Co-Founder | Bidali (Alberta)

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Panel Discussion Beyond 2022: The Next Year in Bitcoin Innovation

What does 2023 have in store for the world’s first cryptocurrency? The past two years have seen the dramatic adoption of Bitcoin by leading global financial players, tens of millions of new consumers, and even two countries. Despite market volatility, a wide new range of products and services are increasing its utility and creating a strong global user base, and with major retailers now accepting BTC, it’s become an entrenched part of the global economy. Join the Canadian Blockchain Consortium for predictions on what 2023 could hold for Bitcoin regulation, adoption and technology development.

Doug Schweitzer, Senior Advisor - Technology, Media and Telecommunication | Deloitte (Alberta)
Pascal St-Jean, President | 3iQ Corp. (Ontario)
Adam O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer | Bitcoin Well (Alberta)
Alexander Szecsy, Business Development Manager | Memory Express (Alberta)
MADEX, Creative Director | Bull Bitcoin

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Networking break

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Panel Discussion Bridging the Banking Divide

In 2022, cryptocurrencies are traded and invested in globally by governments, corporations and more than 300 million people - and it might come as a surprise that the businesses powering this trillion-dollar market are fighting for access to basic banking services. Claiming concerns over compliance and illegal activities, few banks are willing to provide services to crypto exchanges and other DeFi companies, but the heavily regulated digital economy is proving itself ready for the mainstream. Join a panel of experts for a discussion on crypto safety, compliance, and why collaboration between the new and old economy is the path forward.

Ryan Mueller, Chief Executive Officer | Phantom Compliance (Alberta)
Lawrence Truong, Chief Executive Officer | Binance (Alberta)
Dina Mainville, Founder | Collisionless (Ontario)
Joseph Seibert, Managing Group Director – SVP | Digital Asset Banking, Signature Bank (New York)
Philippe Noelting, VP of Corporate Clients and Partnerships | Be One Financial

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Lunch Break

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Panel Discussion Accelerating Canada's Crypto Mining Landscape

Can Canada capture a 20% market share of the thriving, US $15 billion crypto mining market? This Incredible panel is set out to answer this question and discuss a roadmap for Canada’s potential success in capturing a large part of this incredible market. Join the Canadian Blockchain Consortium’s Mining Committee to learn about mining pioneering projects happening in Canada.

Emma Todd, Chief Executive Officer| MMH Data Systems (Ontario)
Stephen Barbour, Chief Executive Officer | Upstream Data (Alberta)
Erin Dermer, Senior Vice President, Communications and Culture, Hut8 (Alberta)
Ben Harper, Financial Associate | Luxor Technologies
Ben Ganon, Cheif Mining Officer | Bitfarms (Quebec)

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Panel Discussion The Metaverse: Virtual Worlds, Real Value

Why are consumers and corporations alike spending thousands - and even millions - of dollars on virtual real estate, fashion, and art? Predicted by leading banks like Morgan Stanley to reach a market size of up to US $8 trillion by just 2030, the rapid rise of the metaverse and its digital assets is reshaping how we understand value and hinting at the future of the global digital economy. Join a panel of Canadian Blockchain Consortium experts in a discussion of the importance of virtual platforms and the business case for metaverse adoption.

Brett Colvin, Chief Executive Officer | GoodLawyer LLP (Alberta)
Julie Bogle, Partner in the Securities and Capital Markets Group | Borden Ladner Gervais, LLP. (British Columbia)
Khurram Shroff, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer | iMining Technologies (Ontario)
Jonathan Han, Managing Director | Virgo CX (Ontario)
Kunal Bhasin MBA, CISA, CBP, CCI, Director & Co-Lead, Cryptoassets & Blockchain Chief Operating Executive | KPMG Canada (Ontario)

4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Networking break

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Fireside Chat Understanding the Nuances of Regulated vs. Unregulated Exchanges

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have been working towards comprehensive regulations for the growing ecosystem of cryptocurrency services and platforms, but navigating this new landscape comes with plenty of challenges for the industry. What are the key distinctions in the services offered by unregulated and regulated exchanges – and where are the big differences in business growth and opportunity? Join a panel with leaders in the Canadian crypto exchange sector to discover more about our transforming regulations and strategies for success in an evolving industry.

Moderator: Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner, Member of Parliament for Calgary Nose Hill | House of Commons (Alberta)
Dean Skurka, President | Bitbuy (Ontario)
Bilal Hammoud, President and Chief Executive Officer | NDAX (Alberta)

5:30 PM



7:45 AM – 8:45 AM

Registration and Networking

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Panel Discussion Crypto’s Changing Canadian Regulatory Landscape

How are Canada’s financial regulators addressing the accelerating cryptocurrency market? From the Ontario Securities Commission’s strict custodianship policies to Alberta’s new Financial Innovation Act, Canadian jurisdictions are creating a diverse spectrum of new laws for DeFi businesses and seeking ways to manage through Crypto Winter’s high risks. Discover our transforming national regulatory environment with an insightful panel led by Osler's leading crypto expert Matthew Burgoyne

Matthew Burgoyne, Partner | Osler LLP (Alberta)
Melissa Smith, Partner | Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (Alberta)
Wayne Logan, Partner | Miller Thomson (Alberta)
Ben Eacrett - Head of Special Projects | DV CHAIN (Ontario)
Katrina Prokopy, Chief Legal Officer & Head of Regulatory Affairs | Coinsquare (Ontario)

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Panel Discussion Is Crypto Truly Anonymous?

Since its inception with the launch of the Bitcoin blockchain, cryptocurrency has come under harsh criticism as an ideal medium for criminal activity. However, the growth of cryptocurrency analytics is demonstrating that this is far from the truth, and that digital asset trails are far easier for law enforcement to unravel than fiat transactions. Explore the paradox of the completely anonymous, yet traceable and trackable crypto markets with a group of experts in chain analysis.

James Burron, Co-founder and Partner | CAASA - Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets (Ontario)
Ryan Ryder, Senior Cybercrime Investigator, Investigations and Special Programs | Chainalysis, Inc (Alberta)
Kate Goldman, Senior Policy Associate | Elliptic (New York)
Andrew Davies, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs | Comply Advantage (New York)
Tyler Argue, Vice President and Partner | Risk Control Canada

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Networking break

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Panel Discussion Crypto Trusts for Safer Markets

Trust companies perform a valuable function in the economy, protecting assets from misuse or cyberthreats by providing secure custodianship. In Canada’s cryptocurrency sector, this service has been lacking - until recently. The emergence of crypto trusts as a way to make markets safer for consumers and institutional investors is transforming the risk profile of digital assets and opening new opportunities for business development and mainstream acceptance. Learn from market leaders about the benefits of custodianship, the latest regulatory new, and what trusts will mean for the future of the Canadian crypto sector.

Jade Alberts, Vice President | Canada Blockchain Consortium (Alberta)
Didier Lavallee, Chief Executive Officer | Tetra Trust (Ontario)
Pamela Draper, Chief Executive Officer | Bitvo (Alberta)
Julia Baranovskaya, Chief Compliance Officer | National Digital Asset Exchange Inc. (Alberta)

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Lunch Break

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Panel Discussion Wartime Finance

Government spend in response to Covid-19 was akin to that seen during WWII. Like WWII, Covid-19’s economic shock prompted deficit spending by all governments, leaving a legacy of debt without the promise of a Marshall plan to spur Global Growth. The results are broad ranging and persistent, but the fallout from policy response gives rise to three core dynamics.
1. A Distortion of markets globally
2. A real economy that is now left behind
3. A cementing of the case for crypto adoption

Pascal St-Jean, President | 3iQ (Ontario)
Mark Connors, Head of Research | 3iQ (New York)

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Panel Discussion Bridging Crypto’s Insurance Access Divides

Insurance is a critical ingredient for business success across all industries, but traditional providers often exclude the cryptocurrency sector due to outsized perceptions of risk. However, with the growing DeFi market being embraced by mainstream banking and corporations, forward-thinking insurers have a major new opportunity in servicing cryptocurrency exchanges, digital asset custodians, and businesses that provide or use crypto services. Uniting top insurance and crypto experts, this panel addresses key issues in crypto insurance and examines how Canadian companies are leading the way.

Jennifer Edgar, Client Executive | Commercial Lines | NFP Canada (Alberta)
Kerem Kolcuoglu, Managing Partner | Blockchain & Emerging Tech Advisor (Ontario)
Alex Daskalov, Chief Executive Officer | KNOX (Quebec)
George Bordianu, Co-founder & CEO | Balance (Ontario)
Ryan Wass, Chief Executive Officer

4:00 PM

Closing Remarks


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The Canadian Blockchain Consortium is the country’s national non-profit advocacy body for the advancement of blockchain technology, including cryptocurrencies, DeFi, business solutions and the emerging digital platforms of Web3 and the metaverse. Uniting diverse stakeholders in our fast-moving industry, the Consortium leverages its community to inform effective public policy and strategy, holds exciting industry events, and promotes Canada’s thriving blockchain ecosystem to the international technology community.

Visit us at www.canadablockchain.ca or discover our monthly magazine here to learn more about our mission and activities.