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[Toronto, ON] Coinbase Event on Metaverse

Please join Coinbase Asset Management and Bitcoin Bay for our quarterly CrypTO Education event: Entering the Metaverse! We’ll hear from Web3 experts Nav Gupta from Chaarmi Worlds Inc. ( and Osher Ari Frank from We will be meeting at a new location: Casa Mezcal at 291 King Street. Please RSVP as space is limited:
Speaker BIOS:
Nav Gupta aka MR METAVERSE is the CEO and Founder of Chaarmi Worlds Inc., which is building an ambitious web-based no-code/low-code metaverse creation platform for fast and easy Metaverse Galaxy Creation! He is also the creator of which is a Canada-wide community calendar focused on Blockchain-related events with the goal of joining all the communities together under two specific mandates: 1. All ships rise together. 2. Make Canada the home of Blockchain and Related Technologies.
Osher Ari Frank founded Metaverse Architects.Ca in July 2021 in Toronto, a studio comprised of a handful of real-life trained architects and software developers focused on the game engines Unity + Unreal Engine. With curiosity, imagination, a thirst for WEB 3/blockchain technologies, and a decentralized vision of a utopian society governed by a DAO in a virtual world, Osher and his studio have been helping brands jump from WEB 2 to WEB 3, bridging between the physical world to the virtual with a unique set of skills from design to code.
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Paul Ebner, CFA Christine Lee, CFA Leonard Fiadzinu, CFA, CMT, CAIA Jerry Qian

The event is finished.


May 17 2023


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Casa Mezcal
Casa Mezcal, 291 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1J5, Canada