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(TORONTO) ( ONLINE)Deep dive into current Blockchain ecosystem components

Please note that this is not a beginer level talk, in fact, we will be discussing the current state of the ecosystem/components so some familiarity with Blockchain tech is necessary. We will try our best to cover topics in such a way that hopefully even beginners can follow along but no promises on that!

6.30 pm EST – M&G
6.35 pm EST – Presentation starts
6.50 pm EST – Q&A

Video and Slides will be shared for those who RSVP Yes. if you can’t make it due to time zone differences please RSVP yes to get the content offline.

Please contact me via meetup messaging if you have some questions.

The blockchain ecosystem is full of a variety of terms and technologies. Sometimes it is difficult for an even experienced member to get lost. Over a series of presentations, we will cover the following topics over a period of time.

Part-1 (Current event):
– What are Blockchains and why are they useful (not your typical perspective that it is a distributed trust/trustless, immutable ledger, which it is, but let us look beyond that)
– Layer 1 Blockchains
– PoW and PoS (Does it matter anymore especially if you are building a blockchain application and not the blockchain)?
– Smart Contracts beyond the basics
– Developing smart contracts (Solidity, Truffle, Hardhat)
– Developing a complete blockchain application – backend + frontend : (Security, scalability)
– Wallets

Topics that will be covered in future events/presentations:

– Stacking pools
– Layer 2 Blockchains / Sidechains
– Layer 2 Protocols
– Coin and Tokens
– Web3
– Metaverse
– Blockchain and gaming
– Bridge
– Rollups
– Zero Knowledge proofs
– Stables coins (asset-backed and algorithmic)
– Oracles in Blockchain
– DeFi, CeFi and TradeFi
– Liquidity pools, Flash loans, Yield Farming etc.
– Government Regulations in blockchain
– Howey Test (why it is important for a builder to know )
– Hacks and improving security
– More to be added.

Link for Registration:

The event is finished.


Nov 29 2022


4:30 pm - 5:30 pm