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Frequently Asked Questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you contribute funds? Annual cheque, wire, credit card, virtual assets?

Funding works with annual membership. Gold members can break payment into quarterly payments.

Can you get a tax receipt for a contribution?

We are not a charity so unfortunately we are unable to give a tax receipt at this time.

Can you contribute anonymously?

Absolutely. Contributions go to efforts of marketing, education and events and are greatly appreciated. We would love to recognize anyone who wanted to support us but if they prefer to remain anonymous we completely respect that.

Can you contribute as an individual?

Yes, anyone can have a free membership to the consortium, we also have individually paid memberships for $150 per year, benefits include discounts on events, discount on other industry-related events and access to exclusive offers from our partners.

Who is providing Canada-specific expertise on regulations/securities laws in order to inform the CBC’s responses to regulators and government?

The CBC itself does not provide legal advice, consult with regulators or lobby government officials.

How would you like to engage industry members?

  • Supporting raising awareness for their business across Canada
  • Profiling them alongside large national organizations to help them gain credibility
  • Hosting events and profiling people and companies to help them gain exposure
  • Hosting industry round tables to keep open dialog and communication flowing nationally

What can industry members do to make the CBC most effective?

An amazing way to support the CBC is to support raising awareness for the organization, participating at events, liking, commenting and sharing the achievements of other members to show support, sharing knowledge as a speaker at our events, and educating the community on the value you bring to the ecosystem.

How can industry individuals that are not CBC members participate and support the CBC?

Ie. startups with limited or negative cash flow, or individuals?

We offer support, such as through speaking opportunities, marketing support, regardless of paid membership. If people or companies would like to engage with us on a deeper level, they are very welcome to join a committee and help our organization grow. Also by spreading awareness about the CBC, as well as sharing content we publish on your social media channels and with people you know is another way you can provide immense value.

Not CBC Members?

We offer support, such as speaking opportunities and marketing support, regardless of paid membership.

Have a question not covered in the FAQ section?

No problem, we love connecting with our community to provide an up to date information in an ever-changing tech world.

Drop us a line, someone will be in touch in 24 hours!