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An important note about Fraud and Impersonation of Canadian Blockchain Consortium Staff:

Fraud Statement

The purpose of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium is to unite Canada’s diverse community of blockchain business owners, developers, adopters and those interested in exploring this technology’s transformative potential. Through our inclusive ecosystem, we can educate and bring prosperity back to our nation.

Neither the Canadian Blockchain Consortium nor its authorized representatives will ever try to sell you cryptocurrency or make recommendations about which cryptocurrency to buy. We will never ask you to invest in any kind of cryptocurrency investment fund. We have been receiving reports recently about individuals purporting to be representatives of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium who have been trying to convince people to invest in certain crypto-related projects or companies. These individuals are not associated with our consortium in any way. If anyone approaches you about investing in anything cryptocurrency or blockchain-related and they purport to be affiliated with the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, please do not respond to them and immediately forward the correspondence to our attention, at

Please exercise caution when considering any investment, regardless of the industry. Only invest with companies and individuals who are properly registered with securities regulators. You can search the name of any company or individual to see if they are registered with securities regulators, by clicking on this link.

We look forward to future events and opportunities to service the Canadian and international blockchain community!

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