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The ABC just hosted what I believe was one of our best monthly Wine & Cheese events so far – graciously hosted by MNP at their Edmonton offices, we had a fantastic turnout and a panel of great speakers from the blockchain community. Most importantly though, the people who came out were engaged.

It’s always a good sign when discussions continue long after the event is over (and the wine is gone!), and I think the information we presented had a lot to do this. Why? Because it was meaningful – not just to Alberta, but to our entire nation. Our topic was blockchain’s role in transforming the agricultural business, and this is something that touches everyone.

Agriculture and foods are a big part of our GDP – in fact, they contribute a staggering $110 billion a year.

And our success depends on staying competitive and having strong relationships with our trading partners. But right now, Canada is in the middle of heated disputes with other countries over the safety and provenance of some of our biggest exports like beef and canola, and our economy is feeling the pain. China’s ban on Canadian canola is predicted to cost us $2.7 billion, and that’s just one case.

I’m so passionate about the ABC and proud of our progress because I truly believe that this kind of technology is what Canada needs.

Using blockchains for supply chain management is a proven solution that could help resolve these disputes by easily tracking foods to their origin and verifying that certifications are authentic. This would put our country in a much better position and make these catastrophic trade bans far less likely, in addition to blockchain’s cost-savings and other advantages.

However, industry and government need to be active partners to for blockchain adoption to happen – it’s a team sport requiring coordinated efforts. Stunning examples from around the world are showing that the benefits will far outweigh the costs. From Energy and Agriculture to Forestry and Mining, so many of our industries are struggling to compete internationally and need the optimization, transparency and digital trust that blockchain can bring. This is why the ABC is so focused on education and fostering engagement. The first step is that decision makers need to know that this amazing solution even exists.

Happy Canada Day from the ABC to all our friends, members and supporters, and thank you so much for your engagement in our growing organization. We know there’s a brighter economic future possible, so let’s keep working together to move the industries we all depend on forward!