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Alberta Technology Symposium Inspiration Gala

Inspiration Gala

The Alberta Technology Symposium is honoured to host our 3rd annual Gala. This Gala will include our 1st ever awards, celebrating our technology ecosystem’s most talented and innovative companies!

As a part of this year’s Tech Symposium, the Canadian Blockchain Consortium aims to raise $20,000 to fund BCI home kits and other equipment that allows children to practice using the technology in activities that matter to them. Practicing with a home device allows for greater efficiencies during clinical therapies. Just as practice at home benefits weekly piano lessons, BCI at home allows children the time and space to play and learn the capabilities of the device.

Access to assistive technology is critical for the independence and well-being of children living with severe neurological disorders in Alberta. Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a leading-edge technology that harnesses the power of imagination and allows these young people to turn thoughts into action. A special headset picks up brain signals and sends them to a computer, which can control devices such as video games, robots, remote-controlled cars, innovative home technology, and even power wheelchairs. The BCI program at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is advancing this specialized care, making it accessible to children with complex movement and communication limitations and informing future use possibilities.

“The BCI home kit is really convenient, we can plan game nights and learning sessions around work and family time. He is very proud of his home kit, especially when he gets to show friends and family what he can do on his own. I see the potential, and the more time he trains the more accurate he becomes. His future looks even bigger and brighter with easier access to other technologies through BCI.” – Father of Liam, a participant in the Glenrose Hospital’s BCI program

Inspire Award

Bringing a disruptive technology into the world is an incredible accomplishment, and behind every success is an incredible story. The Inspire Award recognizes the trailblazing paths of the inventors, entrepreneurs, and executives behind technology innovation. Successful applicants will be individuals willing to share their unique experiences – including both successes and failures – to inspire the next generation of technology innovators in Alberta.

Innovation Award

Recognizing ground-breaking solutions that have the power to solve major problems or create new economic opportunities in Alberta, successful nominees for the Innovation Award will have made important contributions to our digital future through proving a novel and important application for a disruptive technology. The Innovation Award is open to companies and organizations across the pilot, demonstration, or commercial stage of product development.

Impact Award

Bridging the gap between a brilliant idea and a commercial product is the greatest challenge in technology innovation. The Impact Award celebrates those who have successfully made this leap and are now making a major impact on industry, government, or the lives of individuals through their technologies. Applicants for the Impact Award will be companies or organizations that can demonstrate the transformative effects of their innovation in Alberta.

Inclusive Award

The future of our technology sector is as diverse as Alberta itself. The Inclusion Award celebrates the hard work of those who are building this inclusive digital future through initiatives like education, equitable access to capital, or the development of technological solutions and platforms that provide greater access for underrepresented groups and communities. Nominees for the Inclusion Award will be companies, organizations, or individuals that have made a strong contribution to tech equality in Alberta.

Nominate Someone!

Nominate now for the Inspire, Innovate, Impact, and Inclusive Awards! We want to recognize those who are making a significant impact in their respective fields. The Inspire Award celebrates those who motivate and empower others, while the Innovate Award recognizes those who have created unique and groundbreaking solutions. The Impact Award is for those who have made a positive impact on their community, and the Inclusive Award is for those who have championed diversity and equality. So, if you know a company, organization, or individual that deserves recognition for their outstanding achievements, nominate them today!