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Is Anarchy the point or the problem?

A conversation I had with a dear colleague of mine prompted an interesting discussion topic: Because I’m “Pro-Bitcoin,” does that also mean I’m a Social Anarchist?

You may be thinking…Koleya, how did that discussion conclude? Well, it definitely got me thinking that’s for sure. The word “anarchist” tends to scare many, but let’s dive into what this really means and how it ties into Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies.

Non-political ideas and understanding of Bitcoin is largely due to the result of the incapacity to reconcile society’s misunderstanding of anarchy with Bitcoin’s early success. When people hear the word “anarchy” they usually chalk this up to mean disorder, chaos, and generally an un-welcomed social state, which conflates as a political theory with a set of possible social outcomes. If this is what it truly is then I don’t want any part of it… There’s no way anarchy as a protocol could ever scale to a global hundred-billion dollar network with a 99.98% uptime, could it? It can and it has.  

Anarchy Is Misunderstood.

Fast forward a decade or so, and we now have a large community of Blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiasts. People that come from all walks of life, whether it be a banker, a student, or a soccer mom – we’re all interested in Bitcoin and being in control of our own assets. Although in my opinion, categorizing all these people as “Social Anarchists” seems a little extreme.

Just because I believe in controlling my own cryptocurrency and investing in something that is riskier than your typical stock does not also mean I am anti-government. Perhaps this would have made sense ten years ago, but Bitcoin no longer exclusively interests the anarchists that are most certainly out there, but instead, I would argue that Bitcoin has evolved into something that is for everyone.

What are your thoughts on Bitcoin and social anarchy? What are your perceptions of those who invest in Bitcoin?

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