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During my fourteen years in the tech sector, I noticed a large divide between budding entrepreneurs and the support needed to succeed and grow. As a young entrepreneur building Absolute Combustion I ran into several large roadblocks; with proper guidance from my father, and the support of several high profile networks, I soon found myself on the path to success. With this year’s Blockchain and Technology Symposium, I’m hoping to help others break through their own roadblocks.

This event aims to bridge the gap between government funding, small businesses, and tech ventures; it’s a one-stop-shop to network, find support, and encourage business relationships. We’re bringing together economic development initiatives, government officials, banks, academics, and tech leaders in robotics, aerospace, AV, and drone design in an effort to strengthen networks and foster lasting relationships to produce bountiful results.

I'm hoping to help others break through their own roadblocks.

I feel like I speak for a lot of us here in Alberta when I say that we offer a lot more than just oil and agriculture. I want to raise awareness of the spectacular and thriving tech industry here in our Province. And showcase its lucrative and exciting investment opportunities. It’s about shedding the farmer and grocer stigma and moving towards aerospace, robotics, blockchain and all things tech.

Why do this?

We hope to continue this event each year, so the Symposium will offer a platform for local businesses for many years to come. A platform that builds community, and cultivates successful relationships. We want to establish awareness and develop our thriving tech community further. I want to open the dialogue between Alberta businesses, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and the government. And I want to formulate a community of success, engagement, and support.

When I was first starting out with my company I was fortunate enough to meet several influential individuals; among them, Suzanne West.

Suzanne and I worked closely to develop and market my product. She was highly influential in the oil and gas industry and was one of the few female CEO’s. Suzanne taught me so much about the industry, and she showed me that I can ask for what I want and not be scared.

Eventually, she even bought my burner and agreed to do the testing, release results, and fully market our product. I learned so much from this individual, and thanks to this experience, I was able to commercialize our tech and utilize what she instilled in me to find a second partnership to grow even further!

This is the kind of networking experience that others can find at our Symposium! You too can find your Suzanne; you can create a flourishing and lucrative network to build your business with.  

This event is about knowledge; it’s about sourcing capital, researching and developing potential, and uncovering technological advancements that could move your business forward.

I think it’s long past time that we raise awareness of the technological innovations we have right here in the Province. I can’t stress this enough – this Symposium is about relationship building, nourishing success that will last; allowing startups and tech ventures to thrive and grow so we can keep our up-and-coming talent and capital right here in the region. I want people to think broader, to open their minds to the world of tech, and to understand the benefits of a vibrant industry that’s looking to the future, rather than clinging to the past

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